Sandbox and more; Issue #4

PoodleDunk of the Week

First off as always we want to put a special shout out to the PoodleDunk of the Week, this weeks winner has had some great community vibes and a great positive attitude. This dunk has been stealthily holding down the night shift with ACMG and JamOnIt and this weeks Hunk of a Dunk is……

SandBox, we have Arrived

Games, Giveaways, and More

Wonderful Wheel of Winning has changed a little

  • Anyone and Everyone | Fridays; these spins are based on participation and engagement in DunkTown Discord games, Twitter retweets and just being a part of the camaraderie!
  • ReTweet Wheel | Right now our target is 40 RT… on a #Dunkmorning, or a “The Lunch Pale” tweet. IF that target is met we will collect the names, for a prize wheel that is run separate from the above events.

Poker After Dunks

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Poke’n’Dunk Tournament and a big shout out to JamOnIt for setting it all up. We had many Dunks show up for this fun filled evening full of jokes and laughter. As you know we had some amazing prizes lined up…

  • 2nd Place was Sparty07 and he won a Free PoodleDunk Mint of an Unseen/Un-minted PoodleDunk!! (show it off ASAP)
  • 3rd Place was rickeybobbyns and they get 5 additional entries into the Weekly Wheel of Wonders!


Special shoutout to TheTraderShop, he has put on the housekeeping outfit and shown us all how to properly Sweep up a floor by continually picking up PoodelDunks and also some of our NFTs from another motherboard TheRealsharkCove; We are all grateful for your love, support, and faith in the Dunks!

As you all know JamOnIt & theTraderShop have both been hard at work with putting out Tweets for all of us Dunks. We want to keep spreading the Pride of the PoodleDunks by retweeting their posts. It only takes 1 retweet to catch another worthy family member, so please continue to show and share the love by retweeting.

Murder Mystery

A murder in DunkTown?? Nooooo one of our beautiful PoodleDunks lost their head by unknown means… But don’t worry fam we worked together sharing clues and solving this mysterious murder via Twitter and Discord. Who knew we could solve murders via discord and twitter?

Hop in the discord and check out the #poodledunk-crime-scene-investigation tab for more info and clues



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