Letter #1 : We got some catching up to do…

Welcome, everybody! Before I dive in, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you (yes, you!) for being a part of the PoodleDunks community. It takes each and every one of us to create the community we have today and it wouldn’t be the same without you. For those that are new to our little family, welcome aboard! We’re so excited that you’ve come our way and can’t wait to get to know you better.

Teamwork makes the dream work
Currently, PoodleDunks are in a cool transitional phase as we move towards our second series. In order to make sure it is a hit, the GoldenX team brought on new mods to join under our newly appointed Community Manager, @JamOnIt. Please welcome, @BurgerQueenOfDunks! @degendoll @thetradersshop.eth @ACMG and @TrashMonkey! Feel free to bug us all. You’re the reason we’re here!

Supported with this new team, many activities have been planned and initiated. Our aim is to reward you for just being you and for being here together with us. We made sure the activities are easy (and fun) to do! We want everyone to win easily and as much as possible and we’ll prove it to you.

Here are the weekly activities we host in our discord:
Tuesday: Holders Prize Wheel Spin, Dunks Night Out (Spaces)
Wednesday: Buzz Bee News aka our weekly newsletter
Thursday: 3–5PM Live Pineapple Drawing Sessions
Friday: Prize Wheel Spin for everyone!

Winner, winner, so many chicken dinners
One of the best events every week is our two live prize wheel spins! Whoever the wheel chooses wins a free NFT. This is all showcased live by @Picac-GX-DooPunk as he sends out the prizes to the winners. On Tuesdays, they are spun for holders but on Fridays, everyone is eligible, holder or not! Make sure to join us on the next one. If you are the winner and are there, GoldenX might just let you pick the NFT you get! Stay tuned next week as I start to announce all our winners and the awesome prizes they have won!

How do I get on the Wheel?
This is the top question we’ve been getting so I wanted to include a short summary to assist:

Twitter - Follow @thetrader_shop on Twitter and stalk his morning tweets (#DUNKMORNING). Every retweet counts for a spot on the wheel.

Space - Come chill and chat with us on our Twitter Spaces. If you are in our space, you’re also going to be on our wheel! We hold a space every day and some days there are even two! Please check our FAQs channel to see exact times and dates.

Games - At any time, whether we are playing Gartic, Battle Royale or Smash Karts, if we get 10 players (with 1 being a mod) then it triggers a prize spot which the winner of each game will get! Make sure to visit our discord so you can join in!

Server ranks and participation — We love to reward members just for being around and chatting with us. Behind the scenes, our mods frequently nominate members for free spots. That’s right, we talk good about you behind your back! So watch out! We also have a server competition going on this week for a mystery event. Check our announcements (in our discord) for more hints on what it could be…

Those thin floors
We are 33 dunks away from 0.1 eth floor. Once we get there we are only 11 away from a 0.66 eth floor! It’s a quick jump from there to 1 whole eth. But the most shocking thing is that once we reach an eth, there are only 17 dunks left for sale!!! The supply is going fast guys! Make sure you get some before they are all gone.

Tell me more about that…
I will be sharing these updates (or letters) on PoodleDunks every week on Wednesdays. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the next issue, feel free to DM me @DegenDoll . While I’ll be able to cover community events on my own, I would love to share the personal stories, thoughts, or events of our members. And I can’t do that alone. So feel free to talk to me.

Your unique experience is what makes us, us. Till next time fam!

Liz aka @DegenDoll



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