Dunkington Post; Issue #8

Changes are a happening

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PoodleDunk of the Week…….

What another week has passed. It is true what they say, weeks feel like days when you’re lost in Web3; well months feel like days when youre having fun with the Dunks!

You all know this Dunk, you’ve all heard of this Dunk, but do you all follow this dunk? yzer19er

The Busy Burger

PoodlePenDunkBurgerPen has been working his butt off for us, we all understand he is a busy man but holy smokes how does he find the time to create such amazing things for the PoodleDunk community? Things like Phone Booths, 3d Dunks, Sooper Dunks….. who knows what else he will add to his list of PoodleDunk amazingness! Dont forget to hop in on his livestreams and watch PoodlePen work his creation magic

Daily Dunk?

TheTradersShop is keeping us all informed with the new DailyDunk tab in DunkTown Discord. If you’re ever curious about what is going on through the day this is the place to look!

SnowMonkey and TheTradersShop….

What happens when you put two misfits together infront of a microphone…. well they make a youtube and Podcast. SnowMonkey will be releasing his first interview every with the help of TheTradersShop. So give him your feedback to help him improve.

How can you help?

  • Anytime you see a fellow PoodleDunk putting on a twitter spaces hop in say hi and tweet about the space to spread the word.
  • Retweet the Dunkmorning Tweets and LunchPale tweets, add a quick comment and picture of your dunk
  • Follow your fellow dunks
  • Make a post on twitter about why you enjoy being a PoodleDunk
  • Participate in games
  • Be active in Discord when real life allows
  • and of course most importantly Be kind to all in our community and keep on helping Dunkstyle like everyone has!



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